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VI. Educational and motivational project for patients with type 2 diabetes, September 2023

DIAKTIV CZECH REPUBLIC z.s. in cooperation with DiaKar z.ú. and DIAHAZA s.r.o.,

Is inviting you to the sixth EMP for DM2T (educational and motivational project for people with type 2 diabetes), which will take place in Luhačovice, Hotel Harmonie. The beginning is scheduled for Thursday, 28th of September, 2023 from 2 p.m. onwards (starting with registration and accommodation). The end is scheduled for Sunday, 1th of October 2023 after lunch. More information can be found here: DiAktiv CZECH REPUBLIC z.s. odkaz na externí web

This project is receiving a signifficant support of ZPMV ČR (Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior).