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About us

Our mission is to collectively represent people with diabetes and advocate for their
legitimate interests. Not only our members, but all who are affected.

The Alliance of Diabetes Patients CR unites patient organisations focusing on activities for people with diabetes and individual members actively working on educational, advocacy, social, promotional and publication projects for the benefit of patients with diabetes.

The association was founded in April 2022 and registered on August 9 2022 by being entered it in the Association Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under file number L76368. The founding organisations are Diaktiv CR / DiaKar / Association of Diabetics of the Czech Republic / Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Diabetes / Hope for Everyone

The aim of the project is to unite patient organisations and patients under an umbrella patient organisation, to strengthen the role of patients and the position of patient organisations in the healthcare system so that the umbrella organisation has a representative membership base to represent the interests of people with diabetes.