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Who we are

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The Alliance of Diabetes Patients CR brings together patient organisations focusing on activities for people with diabetes and individual members actively working on educational, advocacy, social, promotional and publication projects for the benefit of patients with diabetes.

The role of the APD is the collective representation and advocacy for the legitimate interests of people with diabetes, not only of its members but of all people affected and their care partners.

APD ČR was established by 5 patient organisations in 2022 with the financial support of EEA Norway Grants odkaz na externí web. The registration in the form of entry in the register was obtained on 9 August 2022. Preparations for the formation and establishment of the organisation started already in 2021 and discussions about the need to create some form of common platform have been held since 2019.

In the Czech Republic, there are almost two dozen independent patient organisations – associations and two large ones with a number of affiliated associations dedicated to people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as those focusing on paediatric patients up to the age of 18. They have specific interests, goals and activities, but also a lot in common. We want to discuss, coordinate and promote these common interests together.

The founding member organisations are:

    • Diaktiv CR
    • DiaKar
    • Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Diabetes 
    • Association of Diabetics of the Czech Republic
    • Hope for Everyone

The aim is:

Establishment and sustainability of an umbrella patient organisation to provide service and advice to its members.

The aim of the activities of the APD CR is, among other things:

    • To be a common reference point for communication with patients with diabetes, for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the State Office for Drug Control, the State Medical Institute, the Czech Diabetology Society ČLS JEP and other institutions in health care and state administration.
    • To create functional communication for all interested patients, those caring for them and their close ones about the information needed for optimal management of life with diabetes

Main pillars:

United in advocacy for people with diabetes and their participation in decision-making processes

Educating and raising awareness of the needs of people with diabetes among the general public and professionals

The activities of the APD CR are focused on:

    • An integrated approach to improving care for people with diabetes
    • Advocating, promoting and meeting the legitimate interests and needs of patients with diabetes
    • Implementation of proposals from state and local authorities for the benefit of people with diabetes
    • Monitoring and evaluating legislative and other standards concerning people with diabetes and initiating changes where appropriate
    • Participating in the development and implementation of concepts and programmes of care for patients with diabetes
    • Awareness-raising campaigns on diabetes
    • Publishing publications, organising conferences, seminars and other educational events
    • Sharing information on the results of scientific and clinical research with the patients
    • Communication and cooperation with similar patient organisations abroad