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Support us

You can support us with financial and non-financial donations.


Support us

Tax benefits

The Income Tax Act 586/1992 Coll. allows you to deduct donations made to our organization.

Individuals, including employees, may deduct the value of gifts from the tax base if the aggregate value of gifts in a calendar year exceeds 2% of the tax base or amounts to at least CZK 1,000. A maximum of 10% of the tax base can be deducted in total.

A legal entity is entitled to a deductible item if the value of one donation (or all donations to one organisation) is at least CZK 2,000. The tax base can be reduced by a maximum of 5% of the tax base.

If the donor is a VAT payer and makes a material gift, VAT must be paid on the value of the gift. Financial gifts
are not subject to VAT.

Support activities

You can support our activities with financial and non-financial donations in the form of services or material support.

We are currently seeking support and cooperation for:

  • Preparation, processing of graphic and printing services
  • Preparation and processing of subsidy programmes
  • Legal advice on health law and legislation