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About the project

The establishment and further development of the Alliance of Patients with Diabetes (APD) is funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Health Programme.

O projektu

About the project

The aim of the project output is to unite patient organisations and patients under an umbrella patient organisation, to strengthen the role of patients and the position of patient organisations in the healthcare system so that the umbrella organisation has a representative membership base to represent the interests of people with diabetes. An umbrella patient organisation is established on the initiative of the patient organisations, which fulfil the definition of a patient organisation – in particular the condition of leadership or majority participation in the leadership and management of the organisation by patients themselves. Transparency, legitimacy, democracy, representativeness and accountability are the basic principles of APD organisation and action.

Project output

The main outputs of the project are the establishment of the APD, establishment of the headquarters and operation of the organization, expansion of the membership base, establishment of the main information and communication platforms, information service for patient organizations.

Project preparation

The preparation of the APD was ensured by 5 organisations associated in the APD Preparatory Committee, which resulted from long-term consultations with patient organisations across the Czech Republic. The constituent meeting was held on April 14 2022, the registered association was established in August 2022 by registration in the Association Register.

Project implementation process

August 2022

Registration of the APD in the Association Register

September 2022

Director and Project Manager take office
Preparation of the website

October – December 2022

Corporate Identity
Preparation of the website

January 2023

Launching the website