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About the association

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About the association

The association was founded in April 2022 with the financial support of EHP Norwegian funds odkaz na externí web and registered on August 9 2022 by being entered in the Association Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under file number L76368. The founding of the association was initiated by 5 patient organisations, which became its first members.

The founding organisations are Diaktiv CR / DiaKar / Association of Diabetics of the Czech Republic / Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Diabetes / Hope for Everyone

Currently, APD has 5 founding member organisations and is ready for more organisations to
join and benefit from what APD has to offer.

Members of the Council of the Association

  Mgr. Vlastimil Milata
  Alena Pírková
  Ing. Mgr. Edita Šimáčková
  Zdeňka Staňková
  Jaroslav Šedlbauer

Controlling Authority

Mgr. Monika Kadeřábková

Membership in APD CR

Membership is open to a patient organisation dedicated to people with diabetes, or to a person with diabetes and a care partner who will be actively involved in the work of the APD CR and its members.

Membership can be core or associate.

Only patient organisations, or interest associations of patient organisations and individuals who demonstrate an interest in the fullfilment of the purpose of the association and the principles of the organisation and activities of the association, and who actively participate in the work for the benefit of the APD CR, may become core members.
A legal entity other than a patient organisation or a person who is interested in fulfilling the purpose of the association and who is also interested in respecting the principles of the association may become an associate member.

Other conditions of membership are specified in the statutes.


  1. Statutes
  2. Ethics Code
  3. Annual Reports

EEA Grants

The establishment and continuity of the Alliance of Patients with Diabetes (APD) is funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Health Programme odkaz na externí web.