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Educational and motivational project for patients with DM type 2

Edukační pobyt diabetiků II.typu

DIAKTIV CZECH REPUBLIC z.s. in cooperation with DiaKar z.ú. and DIAHAZA s.r.o. are organizing the fifth EMP for DM T2 (educational and motivational project for people with type 2 diabetes), which will take place in Luhačovice at Hotel Harmonie.

This project is intended mainly for people with type 2 diabetes in working age. Ideally within 5 years of diagnosis, but it is not a necessary condition. For patients of diabetologists, internists and, above all, general practitioners, who would appreciate the motivation and more intensive gain of information for managing their diabetes at work, during sports, normal and sudden activities and in stressful situations. The participation of other people with type 2 diabetes and family members or friends is possible.

You can look forward to meeting a proven teaching team (diabetologist, diabetes nurse, educators, nutritional therapists and psychologist), who will be available for individual consultations throughout your stay. The topics of the educational discussions will make sure that the participants take away the practical knowledge needed to keep diabetes under control. You will also be presented with current news in modern diabetes therapy.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Sports activities, such as Nordic Walking (including instruction), will be prepared. A hotel pool and in-line trails are available.

For more information please visit web pages Diaktivu odkaz na externí web